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Vauxhall - Unfair and just plain wrong pricing..

So, there are 2 issues with the Vauxhall pricing, firstly, their website can’t add up when you configure your car, and secondly some of the pricing is distinctly unfair. Lets look at these in order…



So, looking at the picture, I’ve added the premium Forward Lighting pack, which includes the LED daytime running lights, however, the LED Daytime Running Lights are still available as an tickable item. If I tick them, sure enough, they show up as £0.00 on the right, but hold on a minute.. what happened to the total ?! That’s right, despite them now being a free item (because they are part of a pack already selected) you’ll notice you have been charged £145.00 for them. A pure case of not being able to add £0.00.

So, for the second item, and this one is a little more complicated…

A couple of things you need to know.

If you upgrade to the Navi650 sound system, your going to be charged £855.00 Not unreasonable as it’s quite an upgrade from the standard system. If you chose to upgrade to the Navi950, then you’re looking at £1200.00 Maybe a little on the high side but still nothing to worry about really. Here is where it gets good…


Lets add in the Rear View Camera pack. This is some £1095.00 but this includes an upgrade of the sound system to the Navi650 as it needs the colour screen in the dash area to display the image on (the same price appears if you already had the Navi650 selected as an upgrade, it just turns to a free item). The astute mathematicians amongst us will have worked out that in real terms you’re paying £240.00 for the camera and wiring.. ok, it takes a while to run the wires and such so this is pretty reasonable.

Here is the Doozy….


If we had the Navi950 selected as an upgrade option (Remember our £1200.00), then we go and add in the camera, we get charged £1095.00 on top of our £1200.00 Now I approached Vauxhall with this information and ventured that if I’m paying for a Navi650 in the camera price then along with my Navi950 and camera I’d like the Navi650 as a spare… Apparently it doesn’t work like that, you just get to be screwed over to the tune of £850.00

At the time of writing this post, Vauxhall had been informed 2 months about the error on their website but so far have been unable to fix it.

It’s also taken around a month to get an answer on the Camera kit.. you’d have thought somebody in the know could have given an answer a little quicker than that.

All this is a little side show really, as I’ve already ordered my car and ultimately I’ll pay what has to be paid. The more dark and concerning thing is what I’ve been reading recently about the very poor service that some people have been receiving from Vauxhall. The one that springs to mind immediately is this plea from a Vauxhall motorist :-


I recently leased a 14 plate Vauxhall Corsa. It’s a Diesel EcoFlex model.

I’ve had the car for 5 weeks. On Sunday, I noticed the car was failing to accelerate properly (I now know that it had gone into ‘Limp Mode’). An engine warning light came on. After about 500 yards, as I turned a corner, there was a loud bang and a hissing noise coming from under the bonnet.

I called out the AA and got taken to a local Vauxhall Garage as I got free breakdown as part of my cover. The garage got back to me on Monday and said that a pipe had burst and had been ordered. They said the car should be on the road within two days again at no cost to me.

However, I got a call today to say that they now believe the problem is linked to the DPF filter becoming clogged and this has caused the pipe to burst. As a result, this is due to ‘the manner the car has been driven’ and is not covered by warranty and parts will cost £480 to fix.

I’m absolutely devastated. I get married next week and really can’t afford this. The DPF light has only come on once since I got the car. I did the sharp burst down the motorway in low gears as suggested and it went off. I do a fair bit of short distance driving at the moment but am also on the motorway and dual carriages fairly regularly as well.

I’ve looked online and seen similar issues with DPFs going awry but they all seem to be much further down the line (1yr-18months at least). I’ve only done 1,000 miles and had the car only 5 weeks as I said.

Does anybody think I have a decent case to make with Vauxhall that this issue shouldn’t be occuring so soon into ownership? If so, what is the best route to go down?

Any help greatly appreciated!”

It seems everybody is blaming this guy for the way he’s driving and as he says, there are many stories of the DPF’s going but none he can find within the first 1000 miles. I did my own research on this when I read something similar on the Astra Owners Network Forum. Everybody is getting the stock answer of it’s your driving style.. I wonder a) if there is some sort of design flaw in the Corsa, or even worse the entire Vauxhall Range, and b) if when something goes wrong with the car that I’ve ordered whether I’m just going to meet brick walls with customer service as so many others seem to have done.

As the pictures are a little hard to see when uploaded here, if anybody wants copies of the originals to inspect, just raise an “Ask me a question” with details of where you’d like it to be sent and I’ll send it over.

Update 05/08/2014

So, I chased the build of my car today, just as I had on 21st July, and whilst I was told :-


It seems that’s not the case at all. In fact, my salesman has just informed me that the build has been stalled and so now instead of getting a shiny new car at the beginning of September, I’ll be lucky if I even see it beginning of October! To say I’m annoyed is an understatement.

One thing I did do though, having read a number of forums questioning how recent their satnav maps were, I’ve insisted that my satnav has the very latest maps on it.. lets see how that one turns out.

Update 07/08/2014

So, I have a little good news. after emailing the MD of Vauxhall, it looks like there might be a resolution in the offing. They agree the pricing for the Navi950 seems wrong and they *should* be changing the system so that it removes the value of the Navi650 from the total when you have a Navi950 selected !!

I’m still not going to get my car for the 1st September as expected which really disappoints me. Especially as this was the first New car I’ve ever ordered and was looking forward to getting it on New Reg day. But I have been assured that they will expedite the delivery to the dealer so I should get it in September - albeit late on in September.

TomTom - Followup

So, I looked at the alternatives. I phoned Garmin up and they couldn’t tell me simple things like how much it would cost for their subscriptions for traffic and their ‘live’ services. By live services that means you need to have a mobile phone running their app on it so that the navigation device can connect to the internet for information - not like the TomTom that has it’s own SIM built in and just does it. Garmin used to have a navigation device that used it’s own SIM but they are now discontinued, and while the support guy said he thought the services would still be available for a while to come, he could not give me a date when they would be switched off and unsupported. Also I spent ages and ages on the phone to them for the privilege of not getting the info I needed.

I’ve tried a couple of the Smartphone apps and I’m still not happy with their performance so it looks like TomTom is still leading the market in a number of areas.

After a relatively small amount of complaining to them, they agreed to take back my faulty satnav under warranty, and yesterday a shiny new replacement arrived in the post. So it looks as though at times they do actually appreciate customer loyalty and it also looks like I will still be a customer for a time to come.


What is it with companies these days ?

They seem to think they can get away with providing shoddy products or poor customer service. TomTom is the latest on my list of many. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2003 but that doesn’t seem to matter when their top of the range device (1005 Live) only lasts 15 months and they want £90 to fix it.

Ok, but devices break Andy I hear you say, and I understand that, but 15 months ? also there was a massive outage in their live services last year and the device never did calculate traffic delays correctly when I bought it. They kindly gave me an extra 12 months live services for that issue.. not that I’ll be able to take advantage of that compensation unless I pay them £90!!

Don’t even get me started on the quality of the batteries they use in these devices. Once you’ve had the thing a year or so they no longer seem to last.

So, what are the alternatives ? well as much as mobile phone navigation is convenient, I’ve never found them to be as good as a dedicated device so i think the only real contender is Garmin. Something I’ll now have to take seriously as it seems a like a 10 year customer isn’t worth £90

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